Summer School in France: Music at Chateau d’Aix

Paul Roberts is founding director of the celebrated international piano summer school in Southwest France. Originally Music at Ladevie in the 1990s, then Music at Castelfranc, …Ambialet, …Albignac, the summer school has over three decades  built an impressive following of pianists from all over the world. Residential courses for both advanced and amateur pianists take place in July and August. Early booking is advised.

Scholarships are available for advanced students.

In 2019 the venue will be Chateau d’Aix in the Quercy region of Southwest France, north of Toulouse.

Booking is now open:







The combination of amateur and aspiring professional, the wide mix of ages and nationalities, give the summer school its unique musical and social ambience. Amateur pianists with wide experience in their own professions have the opportunity to hear and work with young pianists intent on pursuing a career in music; the young pianists make contacts and friendships with their future public and sponsors.

Binding the whole enterprise is a commitment to hospitality. Good food, wine, the spirit of enjoyment and the intensity of the music making create an unforgettable week that brings participants back year after year.