Paul Roberts in Portland

Paul Roberts’ master classes and public lectures immerse the listeners in a magical world of images and ideas .  . .  His communicative abilities, whether as performer, writer or teacher, are without equal.

Harold Gray, founder Portland Piano International

Paul Roberts’ association with Portland, Oregon, goes back to 1991 when he was first invited to perform in the recital series of Portland Piano International. From 1999 to 2012 he presented annually at the Portland Piano International Summer Festival, giving lectures, recitals and masterclasses. Since 2012 he has presented his own mini Festival of master classes, private teaching and recitals, Paul Roberts in Portland, sponsored by Portland Piano Company.

Articulate lecturing, wonderful critiques in master classes; fabulous pianism … His ability to express musical ideas in words is astounding, a unique gift … Incredible musician, amazing ability to articulate agenda at hand … Everything he said was valuable and his playing divine, very inspiring.  Portland Piano International audience reviews

PHOTO: Peter Schüte

His beautiful and fluent use of language to describe music is at the level of the highest poetry and his sheer virtuoso piano playing and rich knowledge of music and teaching experience put together make him a distinguished existence in the world of classical music.
– Noriko Ogawa, concert pianist, Japan and UK
His sensitive approach to the sublime music of Debussy and Ravel, and his illuminating explanations of the relationship between the two composers and their music, were utterly fascinating. Roberts seems to give each piece precisely the perspective it wants, with particular emphasis on expressivity and clarity.. . . It was easily one of the best recitals I’ve been to this year, and I could have listened for another hour.
– Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch